Dirty Palette Archives


Dirty Palette was the official in-print newsletter for Art Guild of Pacifica. This extraordinary in-print project was edited by Michael Risenhoover from 2010 to the final printed issue in November 2016. An issue of the Dirty Palette was published for each AGP exhibition and highlighted selected member’s works.  These archives reach back to the Jan 2006 issue. Enjoy.

Jan 2006 What’s Love Got to do With it

March 2006 Anything Goes

May 2006 Arts on Fire X

June 2006 Apolitical, Be Political

Aug. 2006 What Moves You?

Sept. 2006 48th Annual Members Show

Nov. 2006 Bay Area Annual

Jan. 2007 One From the Heart

March 2007 State of Mind

May 2007 Arts on Fire XI

June 2007 The Buddy Show

Aug. 2007 Art & Poetry

Sept. 2007 49th Annual Members Show

Nov. 2007 Bay Area Annual

Jan. 2008 The Trouble with Love

March 2008 Anything Goes

April 2008 Arts on Fire XVII

June 2008 Surf, Turf and Plunder

July 2008 Apolitical, Be Political

Sept.2008 50th Annual Members Show

Nov. 2008 Bay Area Annual

Jan. 2009 Anything Goes

March 2009 The Buddy Show

May 2009 Arts on Fire XVIII

June 2009 Green

July 2009 50-50 Show

Sept. 2009 51st Annual Members Show

Nov. 2009 Bay Area Annual

Jan. 2010  S_P_A_C_E

March 2010 Deja Vu 

May 2010 Arts on Fire XIV

June 2010 Roots

July 2010 Buddy Show

Aug 2010 50-50 Show II

Oct 2010 52nd Annual Members Show

Nov 2010 Bay Area Annual

Dec 2010 Open Walls/Open Studios

Feb 2011 Self Portraits-Real or Imagined

March 2011 Element

May 2011 Arts on Fire XV

June 2011 Reflections

Aug 2011 Flight

Sept 2011 50-50 Show

Nov 2011 53rd Annual Members Show

Jan 2012 Something Edgy

March 2012 HEADS

May 2012 Really Big Show

June 2012 Buddy Show

July 2012 Tell Me A Story

Sept 2012 50-50 and Live and Current

Nov 2012 54th Annual Members Show

Jan 2013 Noir

March 2013 Window to the Soul

June 2013 Anything Goes

July 2013 Regrets Only

Nov 2013 55th Annual Members Show

Oct 2015 57th Annual Members Show

Dec 2015 Galleria

Jan 2016 Seeing Red

March 2016 Buddy Show

June 2016 Not for Real

August 2016 Sign of the Times

November 2016 58th Annual Members Show