Michael Risenhoover Announces Final Issue As Editor

Michael Risenhoover has announced that the Nov 2016 Dirty Palette (58th Members Show) is his final issue as editor. Art Guild of Pacifica appreciates Michael’s amazing and generous volunteer effort creating 32 issues of the Dirty Palette!
Michael joined Art Guild of Pacifica in May of 2009, volunteering on the West Gallery Committee. His expertise at gallery layout and installation was much appreciated, as well as his reliability and great sense of humor. Michael is a great guy, but pretty quiet and doesn’t say much about himself. It was months (maybe years) before many of us learned that, besides being a top notch photographer, great writer and early expert with social media, in his “former life” he’d been a Police Captain in Oklahoma. 
Michael came on the AGP Board as Dirty Palette editor and webmaster when J.T. Morrow retired in March 2010. It was unlikely that Michael had any idea what he was getting into when he started, but he created 32 issues almost single-handedly, doing photography, writing, and layout. He did the transition of the Dirty Palette from a print newsletter to a digital publication, which was made available to members via email in full color. Michael also helped get the AGP into the 21st century by creating a Facebook page, Twitter account, and starting our MailChimp email notifications. 
Thanks to Michael we have a lot of Art Guild history captured from 2010 through the final edition in November 2016. Check out some of these past issues on the AGP website at artguildofpacifica.org/dirty-palette-archives/  
Michael currently volunteers to install the exhibitions of artwork in Pacifica Performances’ Mildred Owen Concert Hall. You can follow Michael on Facebook and Instagram to see his photos from interesting travels, winemaking efforts and life with his beautiful wife Julie. 
Many thanks to Michael for all he has done for Art Guild of Pacifica!