AGP Members Are The Best Volunteers!

AGP members are the best volunteers in the world. In the little over a year since I took over scheduling the staffers for the Sanchez Galleries, I have found that Left Coast Annual and 50/50 are the most difficult shows to fill. This year several AGP members signed up for a spot when they were picking up work from the previous show – Lost & Found. Still, at the end of that artwork pickup, there were about 14 spots to fill. On Sunday, 4/9, about noon, just after I had put my laundry in the washing machine, I send out an email to the AGP members, listing the dates & times that were still open.

A few minutes after I hit send, I got a response – yay!!! Just after I had confirmed that one, another email popped up. I confirmed that one and then went to put my clean clothes on the clothes line in my backyard to dry. I pulled a few weeds while I was out in the backyard and when I came back to the computer, about an hour after I had left, there were two more emails – and one of those AGP members was willing to do two spots – my favourite kind of people!!!

More emails came in throughout the afternoon & early evening.
By 9 pm Sunday evening I had only 6 spots left – YAY!!!
I sent another email with those 6 spots listed and went to bed shortly after that. When I got up Monday morning I had 4 new emails. On Tuesday before 5 pm I had received two more emails filling up the last to vacant spots. YAY, YAY, YIPPEE, HOORAY!!!!!
Art Guild Members are the BEST Volunteers in the entire World. And for that I am so grateful. ~charlotte, Gallery Staffing Coordinator